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Rear rack replacement.

While caring for our new Boogie Bike we noticed the rear rack was damaged in shipping. We called Dean and one was shipped to us and within days it was at our front door. My husband is a very handy guy and was able to reinstall the rack in just a few minutes. We are very happy with the service we have gotten with the purchase of our bikes. Thank you all for the great service.

Boogie Bikes Shirt Cotton Premium Tee - Light Grey

I love you all! That's the deal!

We love you-all and we are lovin the Bikes!

Boogie Cruiser Whitewall Tire
John S. (Nashville, US)
Tire repair

The tire was repaired in minutes

Boogie Bike Cruiser
Kathleen H. (Luverne, US)

The bike is great.

Boogie Bike Cruiser
J W.K. (Perkasie, US)
Boogie E Bike critique

I have the Boogie Crusier bike. Since i got it 2- half weeks ago I have put on 104 miles. my main reason to buy a e bike was the hilly area i live in. I have worn out right knee and couldn't make the hills any more, also at 78 years my strenght has decreased. I love the bike.the only negatives I have is starting out
on a grade, the power has a lag in response which can be safety problem. Do you have advice on the best procedure for starting at stop signs and traffic lights? Bike riding has been a life time passion of mine, The e bike make it fun again! j walter keeler

Boogie Bike Cruiser
Steve J. (Minneapolis, US)

This bike is awesome! Quality throughout.

Boogie Bike Cruiser
Dan L. (Metlakatla, US)
Beautiful riding bike! Looks great and rides great!

Can’t go wrong with the Boogie Bike! We love it!

Great comfortable shirt!

Love this shirt!

Boogie Bike Cruiser
Brian B. (Evanston, US)
Well built, fair price, great comfort and performance

This sums it up for me (us)... Well built, fair price, great comfort and performance. We liked the one I purchased for myself so much that soon after, we purchased one for my wife! Thanks!

Boogie Bike Cruiser
Terry T. (Wautoma, US)
Cruising with the Team.

Well so far we have been out riding every day, over the rivers and through the woods. Safely up hills and down, max rides so far 10 miles but our sites are set for longer journeys. We're having fun, safely! Join the fun and exercise!

Rearview Mirror
Angela F. (Johnsburg, US)

Works very well.

Cruiser Bike Rear Wheel with Tire and Brake

Great looking tee

I love my tee


The t-shirt has a really nice feel to the material and the design is good looking but it’s really long. I wish you had a choice of a men’s or women’s sizing.

Boogie Bike Cruiser PRE-ORDER Down-Payment
Sandy E. (Colorado Springs, US)
Great Ride Sharp looking

Love my new Bike. I am 65 and feel very comfortable riding my Boogie Bike.

Boogie Bike Cruiser
Mary B. (Hortonville, US)
Loving my rides.

This bike is amazing. After a hip replacement, getting out on my bike was fun but I was never confident enough to go very far because I was never sure I could make it back. Since I’ve gotten my Boogie bike I ride as far as I want to knowing I can kick in Pedal assist and get help if I need it. I love playing with the different gears and levels of pedal assist and I’m obsessed with trying to keep the level of help the motor is giving me at a minimum. I’m still learning but I am really enjoying the peace of mind this bike gives me when I’m out riding knowing there won’t be a problem getting home.

Nice t shirt update to previous comment

Right after I sent my comment that I wished they would have sent 2 shirts because we bought 2 bike I looked through my e-mails and Dean had already took care of that and is sending another one. Thank you Dean you have been awesome can’t wait to wear our t shirts and ride our bikes. Our bikes should be coming soon!

Boogie Bike Cruiser
Terry E. (Plymouth, US)
Love Biking Again

As I got older I found biking more tedious and harder especially in the hilly area where we live. I love my new bike because it makes biking fun again! With the pedal assist and throttle I can get through any type of situation were before it almost seemed hopeless to make that hill or get through that intersection etc. I love my new boogie bike! Terry

Boogie Bike Cruiser
Steve A. (La Crosse, US)
Boogie Boogie Boogie

Put on 14 miles within the first two hours of owning the bikes. They are very user friendly and comfortably. We love the bikes!
Steve and Betty

Boogie shirt

Shirt is big which I order a large!

Rearview Mirror
Brian B. (Baraboo, US)
Well designed rear view mirror and sturdy too!

We love, love love our new Boogie Bike and will order a second one soon for my wife! Funny you should ask me today about the mirror... It is well designed rear view mirror and sturdy too - my wife knocked over the bike and everything just shifted on it's ball joint and handlebar fastening system! Nice - thanks!

Rearview Mirror
Brian K. (Plymouth, US)
Our little mishap

Thanks again to the Boogie Bike Team, helped us fix up bike after our mishap with bike carrier.

Boogie Bikes Short Cotton Premium Tee - Light Grey

Rearview Mirror
Linda D. (Taylor, US)
Boggie Mirror

The mirror is convex and there is distortion but are sufficient for the purpose. The framing and ease of installation is good.

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