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Out of the box

We received my wifes Boogie last week on time as promised. The bike unpacked and went together easily in about 25 min. It powered up and operated as we'd expected. There was a rear brake squeal that required a minor adjustment but was taken care of at a local bike shop for 12.50 and reimbursed immediately by Boogie. Customer service for this minor issue was excellent. All else is good as of this time. See you out there!

Complete satisfaction

The bike is the best. I did have trouble with the seat. I emailed Dean and within the day he got back to me with the suggestion of turning it 180 degrees so it tilted downward. Boom! Fits perfectly. Assembly was a snap.

Good product

Still checking on battery and charger as was discussed with Dean

Great Savings for a great bike!

By pre-ordering my boogie bike it gave me time to think about all the places I was going to travel to on my boogie bike once it arrived. In reality it resulted in substantial savings, and I knew that care and expertise was being built into an American made product.

Loving the new bike!

In 20 short minutes after FedEx delivered my bike we had unpacked the bike, installed the wheels, pedals and handlebar. After a few adjustments to the seat and handlebar height I was off for my first ride. The weight of the bike was a bit surprising (I am used to pedaling my 1950 Schwinn Cruiser which weighs over 30 pounds). However, when I increased pedal assist to level 1 riding up a slight incline became surprisingly easy and I was thrilled.

Our first serious ride from our home in Louisville, CO included city streets, the Coal Creek trail (loose rock on top of packed dirt) and a climb up to the scenic overlook above Boulder. I was very pleased with how the tires gave me confidence on the trail. I worked through all levels of the pedal assist including level zero when I had a long downhill.

I was particularly happy on the climb up the Mesa as usually I am uncomfortable as I feel I am holding other riders up due to my climbing speed. I was thrilled to have my husband mumble about needing a tow rope and waiting for him on the top of the Mesa.


This bike is so much fun. I can't stop riding. But the most outstanding feature is the costumer service.

Great service and a equally well made bike

Bike was delivered upside down thanks to Fed Ex. Box clearly was marked to deliver with care and right side up! Send Dean pictures and he called right away. We were able to remove the damaged nut due to his calls and he send a new part within days of delivery. I'm enjoying the bike very much and like that it is made in the US.

Set up was rough but love it now

Set up took a bit longer than advertised, we had a loose connection from shipment, but figured it out and love it!

Great bike!

This bike has everything you need in an Ebike! When I received it I was able to assemble it in 15 min by myself . Seat and grips are top of the line. You can throttle while pedal assist is on. Overall quality is truly remarkable. I have another E bike that I spent a lot of money on and it can compare to Boogie bike. I was a first worried about a bike I had never taken for a test ride but Dean at Boogie bikes is there any questions I have and that’s customer service! It has a five yr warranty and is made in USA. I love this bike!🚲

Awesome ride

The pedal assist makes me smile going up hills

Ready to Boogie!

Just gave my new Boogie Bike a spin around the neighborhood. Pure joy! ! I live in a hilly place so the pedal assist is my new best friend. Beautiful design. Well done, Team Boogie!

Can’t wait

But unfortunately, I wrecked my shoulder so I will have to wait a few more weeks to try out my new bike!! The guys at the local bike shop think it’s great!!

Heavy duty lock

Really like the lock and the fingerprint option no fussing with a key

Rearview Mirror

I got my Boogie Bike for Christmas but didn't ride it until the ice & snow disappeared. The first day I rode, I knew I needed a rearview mirror. I ordered the one from the website and it arrived in a couple of days. It was simple to install and now I wouldn't ride without it!

Old man from Ohio Johnny

It's a good bike that rides good thanks everybody up there at Boogie thanks

Love the rear view mirror!

This is just what I needed to feel safer on the road. I’m no longer surprised by someone coming up from behind me. It’s the perfect size and easily installed, it took about 10 seconds to remove the handlebar cap and insert this mirror. Love it!


This was easy to install and works great. It is exactly what I needed to be able to see. It also folds inward so it doesn't take up much room in the garage. Just remember to take off the protective coating before you use it. Amazing how clear the mirror is when you take the paper off!!

Great bike

A welcome surprise , great product, fast delivery, no disappointments

Great looking bike and the tech guy the Sent out was great!

Wonderful bike.

Does everything you'd want well. Shipped very well, with both wheels attached. Only had to screw on pedals and insert handlebar, all connected. At my age, 80 years, I don't have as good balance, and at the end of a 5 mile ride I fell discounting, with serious injuries. Boogie Bikes has agreed to let me return the bike, since I was in the 15-day return period. Couldn't have been more happy with the bike!

No strain, no pain!

Love this bike! I still get exercise but I get help on the on the hills. No more pushing my bike up the big hills.

Im loving it! Letting all my friends know about it too.

All charged up

We have had good results with our Cruiser Bike Charger. We have put almost 100 miles on our Boogie bike and have only had one charge on the battery. We still have 50 volts remaining. This is an easy item to use. Just plug it in.

Good Looking Bike

My bike arrived and I couldn't wait to unbox it and assemble it. Assembly was a breeze and bike looks good and sturdy as I am a big person. I am eagerly waiting for the snow to get off the streets so I can take it out and ride, but we keep getting snow with more on the way today.

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