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Great bike

A welcome surprise , great product, fast delivery, no disappointments

Great looking bike and the tech guy the Sent out was great!

Wonderful bike.

Does everything you'd want well. Shipped very well, with both wheels attached. Only had to screw on pedals and insert handlebar, all connected. At my age, 80 years, I don't have as good balance, and at the end of a 5 mile ride I fell discounting, with serious injuries. Boogie Bikes has agreed to let me return the bike, since I was in the 15-day return period. Couldn't have been more happy with the bike!

No strain, no pain!

Love this bike! I still get exercise but I get help on the on the hills. No more pushing my bike up the big hills.

Im loving it! Letting all my friends know about it too.

All charged up

We have had good results with our Cruiser Bike Charger. We have put almost 100 miles on our Boogie bike and have only had one charge on the battery. We still have 50 volts remaining. This is an easy item to use. Just plug it in.

Good Looking Bike

My bike arrived and I couldn't wait to unbox it and assemble it. Assembly was a breeze and bike looks good and sturdy as I am a big person. I am eagerly waiting for the snow to get off the streets so I can take it out and ride, but we keep getting snow with more on the way today.

Boogie Bikes Short Sleeve Tri-Blend Premium Tee - Light Grey

It is a good product, very well made.

A Nice Ride

Our Boogie bike has delivered on every promise. We are enjoying bike riding everyday . It was quick and easy to assemble. I will be placing an order for a second Boogie bike very soon.

Amazing bike!

I only recently received my bike, but am enjoying it very much! Even though it’s winter here in Wisconsin I’ve had it out on the roads already. It was a breeze to set up, I bet it was under 30 minutes and I was ready to ride. The user’s manual was easy to understand (important because this is my first ebike). I was pleasantly surprised to see how sturdy and well made it was, I need to get one for my husband now!

Rear view mirror

The rear view mirror was easy to attach and works fine. It does everything a mirror should do. It is infinitely adjustable.

A good stocking cap

I like the stocking cap Boogie Bike offers. It is light weight and most importantly, not too tight. I am a big guy and hate stocking caps that are constrictive. This one is not. The fleece lining is soft and warm. I would buy it again.

Easy Process to Purchase, Assemble, and Ride!

Fun bike to ride around San Diego. The minor assembly was very easy and streamlined. They are very helpful and fast in getting back to you with any questions you may have.

Their customer service is excellent!

Works great

Fits well and works good.

Great Hat!

Warm, comfortable, not itchy because of the nice lining. Fits under my helmet when I ride my bike. Love it!

Rearview mirror

We absolutely LOVE our mirrors!! Definitely a must for our bikes!!

Pleasantly surprised

The bike arrived on Dec 23, just in time for Christmas. It is a gift for my wife. It arrived safely and undamaged, and it was very easy to assemble - only took a few minutes to uncrate it and put it together. Painless. It took a few hours to fully charge the battery, so we didn’t ride it until Dec 26. Oh, my God! This thing is a thrill.

We live in the mountains, so there is hardly any flat land. I have a standard 24-speed bicycle, and although there are lots of gear options, climbing hills is always a workout. On the Boogie Bike the hills are nothing. With the pedal assist feature it’s so easy to just glide up these hills at whatever amount of effort I care to use. The Boogie Bike has just opened up so many more places for my wife and I to explore.

The bike appears to be well made, is sturdy, and engineered well. I am very happy with this product.

Great Bike. Good ride, nice power, and comfortable.

Good ride, nice power, feels solid and very comfy to cruise around on.


I’m changing my review on this to 5 stars. I had originally put one star because when we received the first bike it had been damaged and we couldn’t get it working. The company immediately tried helping us through it and eventually we decided it got damaged in the shipping. They sent us a whole new bike and we sent the other one back no charge to us.

I was finally able to get on the bike which I haven’t been able to ride one for years due to health issues. The first time I got on this bike and was able to go up hills I felt such a sense of freedom that I haven’t felt in years. Thank you boogie bikes for making this wonderful bike for all kinds of people.

Look what is behind you!

The mirror is a great addition to my new Boogie bike. I am looking forward to my next ride!

Buy American

I’ll be sure to send pictures this spring but for now the important thing is we made sure to buy American

Best. Hat. Ever!

You guys are amazing. I love your bikes and your swag. I really love the helpful maintenance videos you did to help out with anything we might need a hand with!

Lots of fun.

I bought this for my wife so that we could bike together on longer rides and so she could handle more hills and wind. First time she got on it and turned the pedals so that the pedal assist kicked in a big smile lit her face and away she went. She is able to get up to speed quickly with the throttle after a stop or to speed across an intersection.
I like that the seat is easy to adjust so that I can ride the bike too, with a quick raise of the seat level. Nice smooth ride. Plenty of power and acceleration. Even after about 20 plus miles of riding our battery level is still nearly full.
Bike is heavy due to the battery and motor, but I can easily ride it without the motor assist. The seven speed gear set covers a wide range and is easy to use. Disk brakes work well.
Bike was well packed for delivery and I put it together in about 10 to 15 minutes. We are very pleased with out new Boogie Bike. In fact her sister has ordered one for delivery in a couple of months.

Robby’s Review

Absolutely love Boogie Bikes! Thanks for a great product, lots of power and lots of fun! Actually got a few days of riding in before winter, now I cannot wait for spring! You guys are the best!

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