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Rearview Mirror

Brought to you by Boogie Bikes, our handle bar end mirror not only completes the look of your Cruiser bike, but adds safety and usability.  Our Mirror seamlessly mounts internally into the handlebar end for a clean look.

  • Unbreakable Stainless Steel Lens to keep you safer

  • Universal Design - Can be installed on both left & right of handle bar

  • Highly Adjustable Viewing Angles: 180° adjustable lens to prevent crashes from the front & behind

  • Wide Range Fitting: Fits 14.8~19 mm just pop out the end cap, insert the mirror mount end and tighten. That's it!



Weight:  4.5 Oz

Origin:  Taiwan



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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Arlene G. (Middletown, US)
bike rider

I really didn't think I would use the rear view mirror much and it took a few rides to get it in the right position but now I love it! My husband rides behind me usually, especially since I can now go faster than him on my e-bike:) It is a very good addition to our rides.

Bill W. (Lewisville, US)
See the Fun so effortlessly left behind

This simple to install, excellent to use, perfectly shaped, and crystal-clear mirror allows the user to be aware of all around the bike for unseen commotion before it becomes dangerous.

Simone H. (Valdosta, US)

I love having a rear view mirror on my bike! I will order one for my husbands too!

Bob B. (West Bend, US)
Very Handy

I love the mirror as it can be positioned so that it is not in the way when riding but is a big help when a vehicle is coming up on me from behind.

Neil N. (Campbell, US)
New Bike Summary

Quick delivery. Easy assembly. Smooth ride. Great customer support. Thanks, Boogie !!

Tom &.J.W. (Noblesville, US)
Rearview Mirror

"How did I ride a bike my whole life with out a rearview mirror?" Love this on my Boogie Bike! <3

Dawn K. (Castile, US)

I love my Boogie Cruiser, best thing I ever brought.

Pastor T.H. (Orlando, US)
See what’s coming!

The rear view mirror is great. Easy to mount in the handlebar and gives a good view of what may be coming behind you.

Customer (Swansboro, US)

Need to have a little larger view of vehicles coming behind us.

Michael B. (Dayton, US)
Best bicycle mirror i've ever owned.

The mirror gives a great angle of view. It stays in place but yet is easy to adjust. It was easy to install. In fact, I liked it so well that I bought my girlfriend one for her Boogie Bike. For safety reasons, no bicycle should be without a mirror. I highly recommend this mirror for your Boogie Bike.

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