Boogie Bikes

Front Basket

Get the Boogie Bike Front Basket. This can serve as a basket or as a rack for extra cargo space. The location on the bike offers easy access for small accessories you bring on your rides. Whether toting groceries or holding a towel on the way to the beach, this basket is perfect for your Boogie Bike.

Extra Sturdy (4 points of contact)

  • Wood Accent

  • 25 lb. Carrying Capacity


Weight: 4.0 lbs

Dimensions: 11” x 14.5” x 7”

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Cheryl a.G.G. (Cedar Key, US)

This basket is awesome...SO STURDY and I love the wooden bottom that is wood burned with Boogie Bike is cool! I need to order a liner as it would be nice to have if I know I'm gonna have loose stuff to put in it...but as everything Boogie ROCKS...just love this bike!

William B. (Shrewsbury, US)
Bike and basket

Both are Great and heavy duty With very fast delivery

Kathy D. (Albuquerque, US)
Front Basket

I like the look of it, and I got the liner, but on a bumpy road, stuff flies out of it. I wish the liner had a zipper closure so my phone and water bottle can't fly out.

Tom &.J.W. (Westfield, US)
Love the Front Basket

I love how sturdy the front basket is, I also purchased the liner for carrying smaller items from the farmer's market. Both are high quality and simply add more purpose and fun!

Pierre P. (Slidell, US)
Boogie Basket

I am glad I made this purchase, very well built basket and perfect size to carry a six pack, but more that likely will need to purchase a liner eventually.

VickiC (Virginia Beach, US)
Bad Ass Basket

My husband hasn’t had a basket on his bike since he was a kid delivering newspapers. He was reluctant at first but after installing (easy) he really likes it. I have one too! The only downside is the openings between the bars are too wide and items fall out. We have tried bungees but now I’m looking for ideas on how to keep our stuff inside.

Peter Z. (Elyria, US)
The front basket

It was not hard at all for me to install a basket on my wife's new red Boogie Bike and my blue one. Maybe thirty minutes. The basket adds another feature to a beautiful bike. Very robust design. We placed a small lunch box cooler in the basket and used small bungee cords to strap them in.

Lori M. (Minneapolis, US)
Not a fan

Although I like how the basket looks, I didn’t really like how it felt when I was riding. I took it off. Just personal preference.

Deborah C. (Wisconsin Dells, US)
Ok but….

I love the look of the basket, but things fall out!!! The spaces are huge!! I use it on my rear rack, and plan to zip-tie metal 1x1 panels to the inside to prevent loss of smaller items. I don’t want to use a basket liner all the time, they look messy!
The bike is great. At 70 and post-chemo, this is perfect for me to exercise and gain strength in a fun way. It’s increased my range, that makes it even better.

Mike M. (Plymouth, US)

Front Basket

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