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10 Tips for Cycling in Autumn

4 min read

Autumn is a wonderful time of year for people who ride bikes! The air is crisp, leaves change color, and you can enjoy the sunshine one last time before the cold (and in Wisconsin SNOW) season. But if you ride in the rain, there's a new set of challenges that you'll need to learn to deal with. Cloudy days can make it hard to see oncoming traffic and dark clothing hides bikers from sight and makes them more difficult to see. Whatever the season, don’t let the fear of conditions getting worse deter you from venturing out. Follow these tips to keep you safe and comfortable as autumn sets in.

10 Reasons to Get a Boogie Bike at the End of the Season

3 min read

Goodbye summer, hello Fall! Before the season comes to an end, take advantage of your favorite outdoor activity. Boogie bikes are fun for people of all ages and skill levels. Here are some reasons why you should get one.

30 National Parks with The Most Epic Bike Trails

13 min read

If you think your ebike is just for riding to work, you're dead wrong. Bikes have been a part of the art of travel for decades. From the early days of penny-farthing to today's mountain bikes, bicycles are a great way to explore a place and burn off some calories. National Parks across the country offer ample opportunities for cyclists – from dedicated mountain biking trails to road rides – there's something for everyone. So before summer ends, we've put together a list of national parks where you can take your ebike for enjoyable bike rides.

7 Tips for Riding Your Ebike at Night

3 min read

Riding your ebike at night can have some advantages. It can improve your riding skills, keep you cool during the summertime, and teach you to take new paths on a well-known trail. However, for many riders, especially those who are new to electric bikes, riding an ebike at night might be scary. So we've gathered some tips to get you prepared for riding at night.

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