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Used Cruiser Bike

Used Cruiser Bike Sold on a one-off basis only.   Inspection upon delivery.

Customer Reviews

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Lynn H. (Glenbeulah, US)

Really easy to use! I love the power going uphill

Cindy M. (Sheboygan, US)
Boogie Bike

I really like my Boogie Bike. Having back problem the Boogie Bike assist and throttle have helped me get outside and ride!

Annabell D. (Bremerton, US)
Too good to be true

I would never have guessed during my first ride or look over that this bike was previously used. There are a few mentions of use here and there, but it rides beautifully, functions properly and looks like it is new. This company has gone above and beyond in every way. I have experience great customer service from the CEO Dean, who willingly answers questions- no matter how dumb. The shipping was FREE... which is saying a lot these days! The packaging was thoughtfully done, they even reused discarded plastic wrapping as the padding to keep the bike safe during transit and keep the plastic out of the landfill for one more use. From start to bike in home the process was smooth and easy.

In a city with lots of ebike options, I believe the Boogie Bike is far above out from the other options. Their care for their customer, the bikes thoughtfully built by caring people, the lean toward stewardship in how they pack and send the bikes, the battery life, the stylish look of the cruiser, the zippy-ness of the bike, and the I ncredible customer service from Dean makes this company stand out among the others. I have already had 2 people I passed on my errand run ask me about this bike!

I am grateful to now have my own Boogie bike to ride around the urban area I live in with lots of hills (some might say mountains) with ease, style, and confidence in a company that stands behind its product. I am looking forward to using this much more than my car for as much as possible... sometimes I might even beat those traffic jams:)

Thank you Boogie Bike team, and thank you Dean!

John T. (Sheboygan, US)
Twice as nice!

Last year I was graciously gifted a gently used Boogie Bike. As an avid (aging) road biker I was skeptical but intrigued. I personalized my new Boogie Bike with a new suspension seat post and seat. I rode the bike bike back and forth to work (nearly 10 miles round trip) every day possible right into the fall. It performed flawlessly! I'm hoping to bring it out again soon once spring finally arrives. In the meantime, my wife had knee replacement surgery earlier this year. She is also an avid road biker. Last week we purchased another used Cruiser for her. I'm getting it decked out in the garage looking forward to adventures together. Dean and crew are outstanding and I highly recommend the product and the people who stand behind it!

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