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Built-in the USA with global components, the Boogie Bike Cruiser reinvigorates your joyride with style and class by providing constant comfort while still delivering quality performance. 

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Extremely Limited Supply

15 Day Try At Home Boogie Guarantee

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5 Year Built-In-The-USA Warranty*

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Premium Components

Technical Specifications

  • Battery

    13.6 Ah, 48V




    18" Welded Aluminum Alloy


    Simulated Leather with Extra Padding


    High Contrast LCD


    7-Speed Shimano


    26" 2.125" wide, White Walled


    Ultra Premium J Style

Frequently Asked Questions

Internationally assembled bikes have no direct responsibility for quality control. When we assemble our globally sourced materials and components here in the U.S. we can hand-check the bikes to our higher standard and eliminate the middle man, offering a more competitive price and a higher quality bike.

The entire bike weighs 59lbs with the battery installed, 50lbs without.

Our bike can hold up to a 300lb payload riding in normal conditions

Bike lead times are listed on the product page with each color.

Riders from 5' to 6'6" can fit on the bike with seat and handle bar adjustments. Our bike is HIGHLY adjustable. See a blog/review from a real customer. Click here to see the blog.

Our premium Whitewall wheels are 26” and 2.125” wide making them suitable for a wide variety of conditions with supreme comfort and handleability.

While we fully assemble the bike to make sure it meets our quality standards, customers will have to put on the finishing touches of putting on the handlebars, twisting on the pedals, and charging the battery. Click here to see a video

Our bike has both a thumb throttle and a 5-speed pedal assist.

Our bike is considered a class 2 ebike. The motor will assist you up to 20MPH and it does include a thumb throttle.

We have a 5 year warranty against manufacturer's defect. Read the full warranty here.

The Step-through style of our Boogie Cruiser is intended to be for men and women. For more information click here.

15 Day Try At Home Boogie Guarantee

Built in the USA with global components, the Boogie Bike Cruiser reinvigorates your joyride with style and class by providing constant comfort while still delivering quality performance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Barbara C. (Colorado Springs, US)
Riding Again

After many years of not riding a bike, my new Boogie bike allows me to hit the road once again. I have been fighting arthritis for 20 years which stopped me from enjoying biking riding. Since I got my new ebike, I have biked 10-20 miles a day. Boogie Bike went above and beyond to make sure my bike was legal to ride on Colorado trails and worked with me on a specific delivery schedule. I am loving biking again!

Sarah L. (Ipswich, US)
Love it!

I just rode my Boogie Bike for the first time this afternoon. At first I ride it without Pedal assist to get the feel of it. When I tried pedal assist the first time it was just a wee bit nerve racking, but I quickly got the hang of it and started to relax and enjoy the ride. It’s a warm day for November, so the timing for my first ride was just perfect. Rode six miles and had a blast. Customer service is terrific too.

Thomas F. (Carlisle, US)

Boogie Bike Cruiser

Dennis W. (Charlevoix, US)
easy rider my boogie bike

I have ridden several different ebike brands owned by friends and associates. After reviewing specs/warrenty/workmanship/style, I felt the choice of a Boogie was easy. After one week of everyday riding I'm convinced it was the best choice for me.

Stephen D.
First Impressions

Delivery was a bit later than estimated, but of course, the FedExer's are working as hard as they can. Interviewing the delivery person - they are working 12 hours days (salaried - which means no overtime) with minimal help (desperately need more people).

Unboxing and final assemble was as expected with almost no work required other than unboxing, installing pedals, seat and handle bars. All the other wires, cables, fenders, wheels, etc came assembles - that's wonderful!

First ride was a bit dicey getting used to the bikes brain and mine, but nothing we couldn't work out over a short time together. I did the brake bedding, which I didn't expect to do (have never done that before) and am hoping it works the way advertised - so far, so good.

Finally, I was/am impressed with the "assist" range of 5 levels as well as a throttle! Kind of wish it didn't govern to 20mph but I read that's by law to categorize the bike as it is. As a side note, as a kid I figured out how to overcome the governor on my minibike...have to wait till beyond warrantee period.

Overall, it is as advertised, sturdy, good seat, comfortable grips, a bit heavier than I expected but handsome and great step through for my wife (for whom it was purchased).

Recommendation: include a rear view mirrow and better instructions on how to tend and care for the battery...not sure I understand the power bar vrs the voltage.

Jane S. (Augusta, US)


Gina L. (Secaucus, US)
Boogie Bike Cruiser

Haven't ridden it yet but it is the best looking bike that I've ever seen and my family agrees. Been busy but I really can't wait for my first ride!

Charles P. (Cumming, US)
Getting Healthier!

So pleased with my new Boogie Bike. This one tool is going to get me more active and in better shape and healthier so that I can keep doing what I love! The bike was easy to assemble, and it is an absolute joy to ride. The folks at my parish think it's great to see their priest riding his Boogie Bike!

Keith C. (Manteo, US)
Boogie bike

Ordered my Boogie Bike on Wednesday and received it on the following Tuesday. Fun to ride. Easy to finish the assembly installed the handle bar and the pedals. Have ridden 6 to 8 miles per day since receiving the bike.

Mary M. (Clifton Park, US)
Fun ride!

We live in a very hilly area, so I had to pack my bike on the car to go anywhere. Now I just got on the Boogie Bike and go- hills are no problem! Love it!

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