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17 Ah Battery Purchased with Bike

Upgrade your ride with more power! This 48 V 17ah battery boasts 25% more capacity than the 13.6 ah battery. Simply slide the battery into the rack as you would a normal battery, and go 25% farther on your rides! With the extra weight, please ensure your rack and rack screws are fully secure before riding.

We have kept the price reasonable by switching to a Chinese-made cell vs the Samsung cell.  This battery still carries the company's famous 2-year warranty!

***This pricing is only valid if taken with the delivery of a new bike replacing the stock battery***

Specifications :

Weight: 9 lbs 6 oz

Volts: 48

Amp Hours: 17

Fuse: 30 A

Power Switch: Yes

Origin: China / China Battery Cells

Dimensions: 16” x 6.25” x 2”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Debbie M. (Boise, US)
Why not?

I upgraded my battery because I wanted the best battery on the best bike.

Susan S.
Superb assistant

Since I picked up my boogie bike the weather has been pretty yucky. But I bundled up and took a few 11 mile rides. I did a lot of the work, but when I needed assistance you sure got it! I’m still figuring out which gears work best with which assist. A very fun bike to ride!!

Donald B. (Fairborn, US)
Get the 17Ah battery upgrade! More Power!

The Boogie Bike is so smooth, comfortable, and worry free! I bought this Boogie bike for my wife and she loves it. The bike is perfect for her. We are in our 60s and like getting exercise - but want to be able to go more places and go further! Here is the good part. My daughter visited for a few days and we took a day trip from Beavercreek OH to Loveland OH round trip. We went 106 mikes and had one of the best Father-Daughter days we have ever had. That 17Ah battery lasted over 65 miles without us worrying or trying to conserve. She never hesitated to use the throttle or run on pedal assist level 4! WOW. The refurbished std battery in our satchel finished the trip with power to spare. This bike outperformed my Vanmoof E-bike! I would recommend this bike to any and all. It is smooth, powerful, and fun. I strongly recommend the 17Ah upgrade for all who buy!

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