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Built-in the USA with global components, the Boogie Bike Cruiser reinvigorates your joyride with style and class by providing constant comfort while still delivering quality performance. 

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    • GUARANTEED to ship in April 2022 

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Premium Components

Technical Specifications

  • Battery

    13.6 Ah, 48V




    18" Welded Aluminum Alloy


    Simulated Leather with Extra Padding


    High Contrast LCD


    7-Speed Shimano


    26" 2.125" wide, White Walled


    Ultra Premium J Style

Frequently Asked Questions

Internationally assembled ebikes have no direct responsibility for quality control. When we assemble our globally sourced materials and components here in the U.S. we can hand-check the ebikes to our higher standard and eliminate the middle man, offering a more competitive price and a higher quality ebike.

The entire ebike weighs 59lbs with the battery installed, 50lbs without.

Our ebike can hold up to a 300lb payload riding in normal conditions

Ebike lead times are listed on the product page with each color. Most ebikes ship within 48 hours, and for our colder areas, we are offering a Spring Pre-Sale Product that can be stored until April 2022

Riders from 5' to 6'6" can fit on the ebike with seat and handle bar adjustments. Our bike is HIGHLY adjustable. See a blog/review from a real customer. Click here to see the blog.

Our premium Whitewall wheels are 26” and 2.125” wide making them suitable for a wide variety of conditions with supreme comfort and handleability.

While we fully assemble the ebike to make sure it meets our quality standards, customers will have to put on the finishing touches of putting on the handlebars, twisting on the pedals, and charging the battery. Click here to see a video

Our ebike has both a thumb throttle and a 5-speed pedal assist.

Our ebike is considered a class 2 ebike. The motor will assist you up to 20MPH and it does include a thumb throttle.

We have a 2 year warranty against manufacturer's defect with an optional 5 year available at checkout. Read the full warranty here.

The Step-through style of our Boogie Cruiser is intended to be for men and women. For more information click here.

15 Day Try At Home Boogie Guarantee

Built in the USA with global components, the Boogie Bike Cruiser reinvigorates your joyride with style and class by providing constant comfort while still delivering quality performance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 208 reviews
Janice D.G.

My husband and I are in our 70s and he dreaded what he might encounter in assembling the bikes….his response was even he could do it! Mostly assembled. We weren’t expecting the bedding in the brakes….but once that was done it’s been wonderful. We live in a mountainous region and that 750 motor handles it beautifully. Seat is comfortable…well constructed Very very pleased at this point !!

Peggy M. (Burlington, US)

Why did I wait so long to get one? I’ve only put 14 miles on since I got it on Saturday May7th. There is a bit of a learning curve, mostly that the bike takes a bigger turn than a regular bike. Love the pedal assist. Using it on #1 let’s you get some exercise for your legs. Or #3 t o give your legs a rest. I haven’t even tried #4 or 5! And rarely have I used the throttle but I can see that it can come in handy. Overall, I love it!

John S. (Potomac, US)
Boogie the days away

Love the bike have ridden it every day for 3 weeks. makes like you are peddaling on flat ground all the time. Very easy to assemble. When I had a brake alignment problem, customer service got back to me right away. Would have been nice to have the front basket included when I purchased.

Observations: no water bottle mounting on the frame. Battery mounted in the back along with the hub motor makes it a bit heavy on the back end. I have had the front wheel come off the ground on steep uphill grades. higher amp hour battery would be nice. I weigh 260lbs so I do not get the maximum distance that someone much lighter would get, so far I have only been able to get 25 miles on flat terrain before I am on pure pedal power. Have 120 miles so far

overall a fun and fairly priced ebike

VA (Stillwater, US)
Spring finally arrives!

Opened the box finally now with warmer weather. Found some paint worn off on spots of the rear carrier rack. May have occurred enroute while shipping. Bike was well packed so not sure how that happened. After assembling, worn in brakes according to manual, Rear brake does squeal so hoping that goes away in time. There is also a intermittent rubbing or scraping sound whenever in PAS 5. Hope that also goes away with more riding.

Now the good: Like the display monitor, the cork handle grips, & the front/rear lights. Also like the limited gears, (7), which after riding find that is all that is necessary with the PAS. LOVE the thumb throttle! I ride in a hilly area and a quick, momentary throttle boost is just the ticket rather than trying to hunt PAS for the right assist level when ascending a short, steep hill. Overall the assist is quite good and makes riding a bit more enjoyable.

Can't wait for family to try the Boogie bike. I am sure they will be impressed, but unsure how we'll determine who gets to ride it when we are out as a group!

Jeffrey G. (Charlestown, US)
I'm enthralled!

I've only been able to clock 11 miles on my black cruiser since receiving it on 27-Apr-2022, but I am enthralled. Hoping the rain eases up soon!

Connie F.
Bike # 2

I got a bike last year from my husband for the bike trails when we camp. He was on it so much I ordered one for him! Our friends have different e-bikes. The Boogie Bike stands out with such beautiful styling. People ask about my bike! Ordering a second one says it all!

Paul S. (Layton, US)
Finally a USA-manufactured bike!

I searched for weeks trying to find an electric bike NOT made in China. I was so pleased to discover that Boogie Bikes are assembled in the USA. And the workmanship and warranty seem to match that high-quality expectation. We received the bike in record time and set up was quite easy. I like that it fits my wife's 5'4" size as well as my 6'4" size with minimal adjustments. We also love the rack and basket. We haven't taken it for any long trips yet, but we expect to soon.

Jaton D. (Dallas, US)

Love this bike! The seat is nice and cushioned for a casual rider. Its very easy to operate if ya want to use it as an e-bike or pedals easily as a regular pedal bike! The color red is a nice shade of red!! Step through is much easier on this lady with knee problems! BEST BIKE EVER!!!!

Valena C. (Dayton, US)
OMG what a fantastic bike

I received this bike on 4/16/22. It is amazing. I have ridden other bikes but this one is so comfortable. Not just the seat but I feel confident riding. I have ridden others and feel like I am going to fall over all the time. I love the pedal assist and throttle. I am a pretty heavy lady and older. I weigh 240 pounds and the bike supports my weight well. I did a 14 mile ride yesterday and the battery is still fully charged. I live in the Dayton, Ohio area and we have some hills. The Boogie Bike climbed them easily. I did have one very steep hill that I climbed. I did hear the motor slightly. But like I said I am 240 pounds. I never would of ridden anywhere near 14 miles on a regular bike. I would highly recommend the Boggie Bike especially for older folks. I already told you my weight. I am 61 years old and need knee replacement on both knees but, that is not an option right now. I won't lie to you my knees did hurt some but nothing like riding a non electric bike. I have ridden non electric and knees would hurt for days. After yesterdays ride I woke up this morning and felt like I could do it again. This bike is pricey but a very worth while investment for a serious rider who wants to join in the fun. Please if you are serious about riding very seriously consider the Boogie Bike.

Joan B. (Neenah, US)

I'm very happy with my Boogie Bike so far. The weather hasn't been very cooperative for bike riding, but I already have nearly 30 miles on it! Can't wait to get out and break it in some more!

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