July 02, 2021 4 min read

Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes, which can be overwhelming and confusing for those trying to decide which electric bike to buy. There are many e-bikes to choose from, which makes it even tougher. The best bellwether for any purchase is whether people like it or not, and this is something you can figure out before you actually buy it.

We launched Boogie Bikes over a year now and the customer response to our cruiser bike has been overwhelming. Here’s what some of them have to say:

Great Support for People With Physical Limitations

Hubby and I each purchased a BoogieBike and we absolutely love them! I have had two knees replaced and now I can enjoy a long distance bike ride with a little assist from the battery — as much help or as little help as needed. Great product.
MK (Plymouth, US)

I love my boogie bike. It is so fun and comfortable to ride. Due to health reasons I am unable to ride a regular bike and this bike has opened a whole new door of biking for me this summer. So grateful for this bike and highly recommend to all!
Anne C. (Sheboygan, US)

Easy set up, great customer service, amazing bike. We purchased two bikes and are giddy about going for bike rides now. Hills don't daunt us and we can ride for so much longer, enjoying the beautiful outdoors. This by far has been our best purchase in the recent years. We now have a hobby we can do together and we enjoy it so much. We both have had knee replacements and these bikes make exercising easy and we have zero pain. Amazing.
Dave and Karen V. (Waldo, US)

Steep hills are no longer a problem

Steep hills? No problem! The hills around here used to be impossible to climb. Not so anymore! I’m having a fun time on my new Boogie bike!
Charlie P. (Stoughton, US)

I love to ride bikes, but it was getting harder for me on the steeper hills around my community. A friend had an e-bike and talked me into looking at them. I started researching and discovered the Boogie Bike. I love that this bike is made in the USA, it doesn't look like some of the e-bikes out there and it is really cute! Now, I choose when I want to use the assist (which is actually less than I thought), and when I want to just ride. Order your Boogie Bike - you will not regret it!
Katrina B. (Ukiah, US)

Riding my Boogie Cruiser is the most fun I have had in a long time. It is such consistent peddling! I no longer cringe when hills come my way! I'm so pleased with my purchase!
Rita D. (Green Bay, US)

Remarkable customer service

Everything has been very good. The ordering was easy, the unboxing of the bike, and even the first ride on the Boogie Bike was wonderful. So this client is giving a thumbs up!! I am sure I will have questions along the way; but I already know the customer service, communication is perfect! Thank you so much!
Kathy H. (Lexington, US)

We did a pre order and expected to pick up my Boogie Bike for my Birthday in July. I was crazy excited when we got a call that my bike was ready to pick up a month earlier than we thought.! I love my Boogie Bike and I love the confidence it gives me to ride much longer distances because I know I can make it home. Our customer service was amazing . They were very patient with all our questions when we ordered and even more patient when I picked up my bike and asked for a few adjustments! Thank you for a very smooth transaction and pick up.
Mary B.P. (New Franken, US)

Complete satisfaction. The bike is the best. I did have trouble with the seat. I emailed Dean and within the day he got back to me with the suggestion of turning it 180 degrees so it tilted downward. Boom! Fits perfectly. Assembly was a snap.
Susan C. (Utica, US)

LOVING IT! This bike is so much fun. I can't stop riding. But the most outstanding feature is the customer service.
Janet L. (Jewett City, US)

Feel young again

All the fun without any of the hassle. Yes, peddling a bike is a hassle for my runner legs. I feel like a kid every time I get on the bike!
Nate D. (Sheboygan, US)

I love it so far! I have ridden 38 miles in 3x riding since I received it, and I have not biked any distance in a LONG time! I plan to use this everyday from now til I’m in the nursing home! I have a few years I HOPE... I am 63! Thank you!
Mary H.

I am riding at least 5 miles a day now thanks to my Boogie bike. Nice to get a boost when I need it. Very good quality and get response to any questions within an hour or so. I am 69 and can ride with the best of them.
Matthew M. (Detroit, US)

What makes Boogie Bikes great

The Boogie Bike Cruiser is a Class 2 electric bike equipped with both thumb throttle and pedal assist. It handles like a regular bicycle but with an added boost of power from the motor and battery that lets you go as fast as 20mph. It also means that you don’t need a license and registration to operate the bike.

Our satisfied customers have said it all. Not only does Boogie Bikes make riding through steep hills easier or make you feel young again, our exceptional customer service can help you with anything you need about the bike. If You Have to Buy One Ebike, Make It A Boogie Bike.

If you want to read more customer reviews, head over to the shop or click here. Alternatively, you can join the Boogie Nation Facebook group to meet some of our customers and ask their experience about our Cruiser bike.

Dean DuMez
Dean DuMez

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