October 15, 2020 2 min read

Boogie Bikes Lead to Satisfied Customers

Brenda's story is a great one for Boogie Bikes. She came to our website looking to find an Ebike and after a couple of questions, she was ready to order! 

When we get any order, we are appreciative, but when we got this one, it was like building a bike for someone we knew. Like all of our builds, we wanted this one to be just right!

Brenda received her bike and went to work adding some accessories. When she was done she was kind enough to send us a note an a few pictures. 

The Voice of the Customer

"Received my bike! My riding partner and I "boogied" on it last night.  Awesome bike!

I took a small ride around the neighborhood before harnessing my dog into her basket because I wanted to see how the bike handled. When I added her, there was really no difference in how it handled! Besides her basket, I added a rearview mirror (fits handlebars perfectly) and a back basket for carrying items associated with the kids.

My previous bike was a 7 speed older Schwinn bike. I love to ride and frequently ride with my grandkids. It was getting harder to keep up, especially in the hilly areas in which I live."

- Brenda K

Why Did Brenda Buy A Boogie Bike?

  • Brenda researched Ebikes and selected this one because it gave her "the most value for my money"

  • It was put together in the USA

  • Brenda cited the "very responsive customer service that answered all my questions"...now we're blushing

What  Did Brenda Like When She Received Her Bike?

  • Brenda appreciated the "very well-written-easy-to-understand booklet explaining the setup and driving/safety instructions"

  • She loved that the bike "rides and handles super smooth"

  • Brenda found the seat and handlebar grips to be comfortable

  • She loved that the seat "absorbs bumps in the road."

  • The Pedal Assist controls were easy to reach and, according to Brenda, "I have small hands"

  • She found the display easy to read

  • Brenda told us that the "Pedal Assist is intuitive sensing when I needed help"

  • She used the throttle a few times on steep hills and she liked it because "once I took my hand off it went right back to the setting I had it on"

  • Brenda found the brakes to be "very responsive"

To Put It Simply

"I couldn't find anything I could criticize. I LOVE MY NEW BOOGIE BIKE!"

Brenda K

Our Response

Brenda, we at Boogie Bikes couldn't be happier! We work hard to make great bikes for great people and it's a real pleasure to hear from them. What a great testimony! Thank you for trusting us with your purchase and then following it up with a great summary of what you liked about the delivered product. 

The world needs more Brendas...more Brendas riding Boogie Bikes!

Brenda Bike and Dog

Brendas Tricked out Bike



Dog Basket for Boogie Bike
Dean DuMez
Dean DuMez

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