November 30, 2021 1 min read

Time flew by so fast, it’s already December! Thanks to you, Boogie Bikes has had a great year so we’ve decided to bring you the 12 Deals of Christmas. Starting December 1st, get up to 50% off on these items:

Dec 1 & 2 - Rearview Mirror
Dec 3 & 4 - Water Bottle
Dec 5 & 6 - Fingerprint U-Lock
Dec 7 & 8 - Boogie T-shirts
Dec 9 & 10 - Boogie Bag
Dec 11 & 12 - Boogie Tool Set
Dec 13 & 14 - Tire and Tube Set
Dec 15 & 16 - Phone Holder
Dec 17 & 18 - Eco Sheep Maintenance Kit
Dec 19 & 20 - Water Bottle Holder / Bottle Combo
Dec 21 & 22 - Cleaning mitt
Dec 23 & 24 - Suspension Seatpost

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Dean DuMez
Dean DuMez

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