October 07, 2021 3 min read

It's that time of year when the leaves change color, the scarves and layers come out, friends and family prepare warm, comforting meals for one another, and everyone dresses up for Halloween. Although it is a beautiful season, many cyclists do not take advantage of the benefits of autumn riding to their full potential. People tend to be less active when there is less sunlight and when their school and work schedules are hectic. It goes a long way toward explaining why, as a group, people are at their leanest at the beginning of October and then tend to gain weight over the next few months. So, to get you encouraged to do more cycling in the fall, here are ten reasons why cycling during the fall is awesome.

10 Reasons Why Cycling in Autumn is Awesome

  1. Regular exercise is good for your mind and body, but it can be difficult to find time to get outside when you're busy. A two-wheeled adventure is exactly what your mind and body require to de-stress, releasing you from the confines of your desk, office, or library, which will undoubtedly do you the world of good.
  2. The season may bring colder weather and darker days, but it is a truly beautiful time of the year. The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and the sunlight is beautiful when it is low in the sky. The changing of seasons is breathtaking, and there is no better way to experience it than from the saddle of your bicycle.
  3. Lower light levels can bring some people’s mood down, and there is no better way to improve one's spirits than through vigorous activity. Riding your ebike can help prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD) if it is already present.
  4. There are likely to be less people visiting bike trails, so you could practically have them entirely to yourself! You may ride trails at your own pace and practice skills sections without having to worry about other riders zipping past all the time.
  5. Riding a bike is so much better than facing the elements head on. The cold, the dark, the damp, and the mud can all appear intimidating, but with the right gear — a bright light, tights, a good jacket, and some shoe covers — a whole new world of riding opens up, and it's fascinating to explore.
  6. It's a terrific time of year to start riding your bike to work. With cooler temps, you won't be sweaty when you get to your destination. You'll also avoid packed buses and metro vehicles, where everyone is spreading germs, especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic.
  7. With a little cold air on your skin, you may get that healthy rosy glow - plus, it's quite refreshing! Just make sure the rest of your body is kept warm.
  8. You can take a trip to an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, farm stand or farmer’s market to get your favorite seasonal pie and a fresh crisp apple to snack on while riding.
  9. You'll develop habits that help you stay lean and fit all throughout winter, so you'll have less catching up to do in the spring.
  10. It’s a great excuse (not that you need any) to get out and Boogie!

These are just some of the reasons we like riding in the fall, we’re sure there are many more. Let us know in the comments your top reasons for riding in autumn and how do you stay motivated?

Dean DuMez
Dean DuMez

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